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Research Profile

AIIA Lab has been an active research group working for more than fifteen years in digital media and related areas. It consists of five faculty members, 9 researchers, and 7 PhD students. The group has strong cooperation with other Universities, research centers and industrial partners in the area of its interests through projects mainly funded by the European Union. AIIA LAb has undertaken around 35 international and 14 national research projects.

As a result of this research more than 658 publications in international scientific journals, and conference proceedings, 8 books, and 42 book chapters have been published. Such books are “Nonlinear Digital Filters: Principles and Applications” (Kluwer, 1990), “3D image processing algorithms” (Wiley 2000), “Digital Image Processing Algorithms” (Prentice Hall, 1993), “Digital image processing algorithms and applications” (Wiley 2000), “Digital image processing” (in Greek, 1999), “Parallel Algorithms and Architectures for Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision and Neural Networks” (Wiley, 1993), “Nonlinear Model-Based Image/Video Processing and Analysis” (Wiley 2000), "Digital Television and digital video processing" (in Greek 2010). AIIA Lab has organized and hosted IEEE NSIP1995, the biggest international scientific event on image processing IEEE ICIP2001 and co-organized the 2003 International Workshop on Interactive Multimedia Content Production.

Its topics of interest span the following areas:

Research Area Contact Persons:

  1. Image/video processing, computer vision, biomedical imaging, computational intelligence (Prof. I. Pitas, pitas@aiia.csd.auth.gr, +30-2310-996304)
  2. Language, speech, and audio processing, signal processing (Prof. C. Kotropoulos, costas@aiia.csd.auth.gr, +30-2310-998225)
  3. Computer graphics and virtual reality (Prof. N. Nikolaidis, nikolaid@aiia.csd.auth.gr, +30-231-998566)
  4. Computational Intelligence (Dr. A. Tefas, tefas@aiia.csd.auth.gr, +30-2310-991932)

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