OKAPI Project (ACTS Project 051)


The OKAPI project aims to develop a trusted kernel to be used for electronic commerce, that will facilitate reliable and secure access to protected services with multimedia content. So far, the project resulted to a platform that supports the following features:

The kernel consists of three different types of modules that communicate with each other through the Internet. Each of these modules are used by the respective actors of the system which are:

The kernel can be used applications such as

Here you can read a brief description of the functionality of these modules.

Free Kernel Downloading

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You can now connect to the TTP server located at "artemis.csd.auth.gr". This TTP server is expected to be up and running 24 hours a day.

The kernel can be retrieved directly from this page.
Click here to download the latest PC version of the User Server currently available - Ver. 2.4.1 (AUT). You can then experiment and test the server.

You can also download the latest PC version of the Service Provider (SPv) Server.

To obtain the Trusted Third Party (TTP) Server please send mail to Prof. Ioannis Pitas.

Click here for information on configuring and running the servers.

You can protect your own programs with the kernel by using the Lock16 and Lock32 libraries. You can download the libraries now or read information on how you can use them inside your programs.

Internet Trials

In order to demonstrate the functionality of the kernel we have installed it on the "aias.csd.auth.gr" host computer. The University plays the role of the Trusted Third Party and the Service Provider offering some sample applications as services. If you wish to participate in the testing of the kernel, download the User module and connect to our servers. We welcome any observations and suggestions you may have.

Major new features in version 2.4.1

Major new features in version 2.4

You can also view the list of new features and changes of the previous versions of the kernel.

Please send suggestions, comments to: Prof. I. Pitas (pitas@zeus.csd.auth.gr)


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