3-Dimensional object reconstruction from projections

Applications in medical imaging

MRI head

3D Microscopy in Dentistry


In this document, we present a method for 3D modeling, reconstruction and projection of histological image data. Specifically, the data that is used, consists of series of cross sections, taken from human teeth. Sectioning is being made with the use of a microtome in order to produce slices that are usually 1mm of thickness. Subsequently, the slices are being photographed and the photographs are digitized with a scanner. The procedure of processing of digital images, construction of the 3D-model and photorealistic rendering, is described below.


The Three Dimensional Model that we used for visualization, is based only on information extracted from the boundaries of the objects of interest and is known as Surface Representation Model. According to this model, external or even internal surfaces are being reconstructed, skipping all the grayscale information that the grayscale images include. The result, is a set of curved closed surfaces that define the shape and topological characteristics of the teeth that are reconstructed. The use of pseudocoloring and shading, is bound to give sometimes impressive results.