Emotion Analysis for Virtual Earthquakes

The Emotion Analysis program is a proposal of the Psychology Dept. of Aristotle Univ. which aims in the development of a Virtual Reality System with augment enviroment capabilities such as heart pulse and sweat measurement feedback. The efficiency of the user is evaluated through emotion analysis from the prosodic characteristics of speech and emotion recognition from the facial expressions. The system constructed by the AIIA lab together with the Psychology department is an experimental prototype which is presently a promising way to train kids for earthquake situations which are a common situation in Greece, one of the ten countries with great seismological activity.


Hardware Setup

-Sound: An AKG Microphone with a sound console

-Biosignals: Plethysmograph, Galvanic Skin Response with IWORX 114.

-VR glasses: iglasses

-2 Cameras: Panasonic, Canon

-2 Portable Computers

Project's webpage