Full Title:  The European research taskforce creating human-machine interfaces SIMILAR to human-human communication. 

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The SIMILAR European Network of Excellence has the aim to create an integrated task force on multimodal interfaces that respond intelligently to speech, gestures, vision, haptics and direct brain connections by merging into single research group excellent European laboratories in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and in Signal Processing.  SIMILAR will develop a common theoretical framework for fusion and fission of multimodal information using the most advanced Signal Processing tools constrained by Human Computer Interaction rules.  Also, SIMILAR will develop a network of usability test facilities and will establish an assessment methodology. Another task of SIMILAR will be to address Grand Challenges in the field of edutainment, interfaces for disabled people and interfaces for medical applications.
Furthermore, SIMILAR intends to establish a top-level foundation which will manage an International Journal, Special Sessions in existing conferences, organize summer schools, interact with key European industrial partners and promote new research activities at the European level. 


AIIA laboratory will contribute to the topics related to multimodal signal, multimodal signals fusion and fission and medical application.