new media for a new millennium

The NM2 consortium has 13 partners from 8 European countries

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

AUTH is the bigger university in Greece with more than 2200 R&D personnel. The AIIA Lab at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is an active research group working for more than one decade in multimedia/digital image and video processing and related areas. Its topics of interest span the areas of biometrics, digital human-centred interfaces, indexing and retrieval by content, image/video processing, computer vision and watermarking.
Eurescom Eurescom, the European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications GmbH, was founded in 1991 by major European network operators and service providers. The organisation provides comprehensive services for initiating, managing and supporting distributed collaborative research programmes to network operators, service providers, suppliers and vendors. The success of multinational, multidisciplinary projects heavily depends on a reliable and flexible infrastructure that offers efficient administrative and technical support. Eurescom has developed an infrastructure that has proven to meet all requirements of multinational, collaborative projects with the lowest possible overhead.
United Kingdom

BT is one of Europe's leading providers of telecommunications services. Its principal activities include local, national and international telecommunications services, higher-value broadband and Internet products and services, and IT solutions. BT Exact, headquartered at Adastral Park (Martlesham Heath) in Suffolk, UK, is home to 3,500 of BT's top scientists, engineers and business people. The employees include many who are world leaders in their specialist fields, working at the forefront of standards development and new technologies in areas such as multimedia, IP and data networks, mobile communications, network design and management, and business applications. BT Exact provides research, development and consulting services for BT - developing innovative technological ideas and solutions that translate into practical and marketable solutions for the businesses.


JOANNEUM RESEARCH, located in Graz, is a non-profit technology centre, concentrating onto applied R&D with a highly qualified staff of more than 380 people. They implement their know-how in all sectors of technology transfer and innovation. Their service includes specifically geared development tasks for small- and medium-sized companies, complex interdisciplinary national and international research assignments as well as tailored techno-economic consulting. The Institute of Information Systems & Information Management ( focuses on web based information systems and digital media.
 I & D
Telefónica I+D is a 100% subsidiary of Telefónica S.A. Telefónica I+D was formed in 1988 in order to contribute to the technological innovation of the parent company, by performing research and development activities. Over the last few years, the line of work of Telefónica I+D has evolved to conform to the objective of becoming a services creation lab. This objective is driven by the emergence of interactive multimedia services, which are increasingly becoming a major force in the telecommunications market. Telefónica I+D is very active in all major telecommunicated-related areas where it can also offer a huge knowledge due to the experience obtained in the numerous projects in which Telefónica I+D has been involved, apart from the services deployed in Telefónica. Telefónica I+D has developed an Innovation Plan, with the objective of anticipating solutions to the challenges that the future information society will raise. All the activities in Telefónica I+D are carried out conforming to an in house methodology, supported with tools, which have been awarded an ISO 9001 Certification in 1994.
The Netherlands

TNO is an independent contract research organization, representing a wide variety of scientific disciplines, generating, marketing and applying technological knowledge for clients in the corporate and public sectors. Largest centre of innovation in the Netherlands bringing together expertise on ICT and telecommunications, but also on end-user behaviour, socio-cultural and commercial aspects.
Cambridge University CUMIS
United Kingdom
Cambridge University Moving Image Studio (CUMIS) designs and produces live action digital movies, CD ROMS, 3D models (real-time and fly throughs), animations, websites and interactive material for the University of Cambridge, for purposes of research, research dissemination, profiling and creative activity. It also produces documentary, drama, information and animation on a consultancy/commercial basis for appropriate organisations such as Screen East, the Arts Council of England, Anglia TV, and the NHS as well as local industry. It carries out research in collaboration with such local partners as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and BT, and international partners such as MIT Media Lab, MLE and UNESCO. Its productions, which aim to push the envelope of digital media, have been exhibited in such venues as the Tate Modern, and at many international festivals. CUMIS also directly supports and contributes to University research and teaching, especially in the field of interactive digital media, working closely with CARET (Centre for Research in Applied Educational Technology), and running the Digital Research Studios of the Department of Architecture.
Goldsmiths College
United Kingdom
Goldsmiths College is the UK’s leading creative university. The Department of Computing is playing an increasingly large part in the College’s pre-eminence in the study and practice of creative, cognitive, cultural and social processes. The department is central to the development of a new inter-disciplinary research centre within the college – Goldsmiths Digital Studios – devoted to investigations of creative uses of IT and new media, and computational modelling of cognitive and cultural processes. On behalf of Goldsmiths College the Department of Computing is the main participant in NM2. Its research is focused on Artificial Intelligence, including intelligent design, knowledge representation and ontological engineering, applications of AI to visual reasoning and music, and modelling of human behaviour.
Illuminations Televidion Limited
United Kingdom
ITL is an established, highly regarded creative SME founded in 1982. The company is a leading producer and publisher of distinctive media about the arts, culture and history, and its regular clients and partners include broadcasters in the UK and abroad and leading museums. ITL has pioneered a number of innovative projects integrating network technologies with broadcast. With partners including BT and the University of Nottingham, the company developed the idea of “inhabited television” combining 3D networked virtual worlds with live broadcasting.
University of Art & Design Helsinki
Taideteollinen korkeakoulu (University of art and Design Helsinki, UIAH) gives education and pursues research in the fields of design, audio-visual communication, interactive media design and production, art education and arts. UIAH is the largest art and design school in Scandinavia: there are nearly 1600 students, 15% of which come from abroad, and 400 teachers. It has been a partner and coordinator in many national, Nordic and EU-funded projects. The area of interactive narrative production has been one of the central themes within the Media Lab’s education and research agendas since the mid-1990s. The Media Centre Lume facilitates all the major media resources, for example, TV, Theatre and Film studios as well as pre- and post-production facilities of UIAH. Lume has official national status as research and development centre to the Finnish media sector.
Malmö University

Malmö University

The School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University, is a fairly new school, created only in 1998. It currently has four full professors, in Media and Communication Studies, Interaction Design, Informatics and Art and Technology.  The research environment includes researchers from the social sciences, the humanities, from technology and from art disciplines. K3 coordinates the EU project Atelier (Architecture and Technology for inspirational Learning) and is also involved in the EU program Interact. Of particular interest for NM2 is the research program News media in the year 2003 (1998-2002), a program that dealt with creating and disseminating knowledge on ways to maintain and improve the quality of news production in digital media, with results practically applicable for Swedish news producers as well as of general scientific interest.
University of Ulster
United Kingdom
The University of Ulster is a large, modern university, formed in 1984 from the merger of the New University of Ulster and the Ulster Polytechnic. The University’s research strategy is designed to identify wealth-creating sectors, support NI industry, exploit intellectual property and provide and develop facilities for innovation and growth. The University of Ulster has been involved in EU framework projects as partners and as co-ordinator since 1990. Apart from involvement in the framework programme, the University of Ulster has also been involved in numerous other EU programmes including, Erasmus, Leonardo, Tacis, Comett, Public Health, Coal and Steel, Interreg, Life and Lingua.
Sony Netservices
Sony Netservices (SNS) was founded in April 2000 as a Joint Venture between Sony DADC and Sony Europe. SNS operates as a European software house offering B2B and B2C applications and has active experience and strengths in iDTV, e-Commerce and mobile solutions. With access to leading edge technology resources and in-house "know-how", SNS offers their customers a highly professional and reliable consultancy, with assistance in the development of technology and technical concepts, the realisation and operation of solutions in the interactive business arena and communication solutions. With over one hundred employees in Salzburg, Berlin, Brussels and Amsterdam, SNS is a European Key Player in the provision of Internet, e-commerce and software solutions.