new media for a new millennium

The NM2 project will create a new  media genre that will be able for a suitable and interactive manipulation. Within this project, the creation of new production tools for the media industry in order to give the possibility of easy production of the new non-linear media genre, is also engaged. This new media genre will be characterized by the fact that the narrative presentation of the moving images will be personalized in order to suit the preference of the user.

AIIA Laboratory will contribute in this effort with its knowledge and experience in the field of video and image processing. The main objective of the AIIA lab is the extraction of semantic information from low level video and image data. In other words the automatic media content description. Is by this mean that narrative presentation of a media can be achieved.

The NM2 official web page can be found at this address

NM2 is an Integrated Project (IP) of the European 6th Framework Program Priority 2 (Information Society Technology)