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C. Kotropoulos (One-dimensional signal processing)
I. Pitas (Two-dimensional signal processing)
Course Specifications
  • 6 hours/week                Total:78 hours/semester
  • Theory:2 hours/week      Tutorials:2 hours/week   Labs:2 hours/week
  • Semester: Fifth  (V)
  • Written examinations
  • Credits: 6
Course Description
Sampling. Discrete Fourier Transform. IIR filter design. FIR filter design. Digital filter structures. Digital filter implementations. Fast Fourier transforms. Digital signal processors. Numerical errors. Spectral analysis. Two-dimensional discrete signals. Two-dimensional z-tranform. Two-dimensional Discrete Fourier Transform. Design and realization of two-dimensional digital filters. Applications in voice processing and biomedical signals.
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